8 iPads explained for TMTablet v5.0 in Scotland 9-03-2015

I like shared iPads because I like sharing.  Young people should spend more time with each other face to face and outdoors.

I struggle with consumerism, although I like technology that supports creativity. This is how I “square that circle!”.

I won’t be buying an iWatch. I’m sure it’s lovely, but I can’t make things with it, so it’s not going to add much value to me personally!

8 iPads supporting Speaking and Listening and MFL

8iPads  with 8 headphone splitters giving  access to 16 learners

Ok so the other 16 learners look on with envy, they wait their turn. They plan, prepare or do something completely different. All teachers can run carousel style activities. The biggest challenge in school is quiet spaces to record. The amount of group work skills and communication here cannot be underestimated.

4 apps (2 free)

  • built in Music app ( on all iPads) for selecting sound effects and stingers
  • I always make a playlist of sound effects to the iPads for additional sonic options in all media, video, audio, animation,ebook creation etc
  • Figure for top bleepy tunes (close your ears head of Music!)
  • BossJock for mashing the stuff up, mixing with voice and saving to..
  • Soundcloud ( a free space for publishing sounds and celebrating work, creating an audience)