Appsmashing – Augmented Reality with Green Screen

It is a while since I played around with Augmented Reality apps or even used them in a workshop. Here is a neat idea where we are combining ZooKazam’s augmented animals with Doink’s Green Screen. The final outcome could be some kind of virtual Zoo documentary. Although I am going to post something interactive creation on the iPad so I might roll it into that eventually.


I am tea powered.

Apologies, I should really have cleaned and tidied up the Roadtrip Lab before letting you in!

As you can see, I’m working with some “lo-fi” tech tools;

  • a plastic cake stand
  • green card
  • Cheap Ikea Lighting

Yep… no expense spared in the production values!

Because the clever people at Doink have enabled each track to be “resized” we can get very creative with what we combine and how we combine it. I’m just using cheap card from the stationery shop and it works fine for primary and middle school projects.

The Zookazam app is a little flakey. it requires a lot of available RAM.I found the class having to hard reset the iPads to give a jolt.

Video Scrapbooking with Doink Green Screen, Showbie, Book Creator and iMovie

video scrapbooking

With it being World Book Day, there were loads of great activities going on in school. So we only had limited time to capture some of the amazing costumes. We made videos, but these videos began life as digital still combinations of characters and backgrounds. These were combined in Doink Green Screen using the still image option.

This saved time today. We assembled our images and text in Book Creator and then handed them in to Showbie.

The Books were then shared back to the class in Showbie. These were then exported from Book Creator as video clips and edited/Mashed up in iMovie.

Video export in Book Creator means that you can create all kinds screen layouts and then edit them in iMovie.
If you are new to the iPad this might seem very complex. My advice is to build confidence with individual apps and then start combining them to make more ambitious projects, or should that be digital roadtrips!

Lads and Dads iPad World Cup 2014 Animations

“60 yard shots, rash challenges, simulation, red cards and the stretcher” and the world cup hasn’t even started!

I’ve been very lucky to work with the staff at St John’s infants in Leigh for a while and this project really was something special. The school invited dads to come into school and work with their year 2 “lads”.

They worked together to create animations about the world cup. It created an opportunity for the dads to be in school and see school life and of course spend time learning and having fun with their boys. It’s probably a tougher call for men to come into a primary school like this, but they did a great job and there was a real sense of achievement. Here are a couple of examples. We were using iPads for the animation and iMacs for the final editing. The lads and dads did all the work with just a little support and guidance from Jane Williams and myself. 

Watch carefully… There’s even the “hand of God” making a quick match fix!