Appsmashing – Augmented Reality with Green Screen

It is a while since I played around with Augmented Reality apps or even used them in a workshop. Here is a neat idea where we are combining ZooKazam’s augmented animals with Doink’s Green Screen. The final outcome could be some kind of virtual Zoo documentary. Although I am going to post something interactive creation on the iPad so I might roll it into that eventually.


I am tea powered.

Apologies, I should really have cleaned and tidied up the Roadtrip Lab before letting you in!

As you can see, I’m working with some “lo-fi” tech tools;

  • a plastic cake stand
  • green card
  • Cheap Ikea Lighting

Yep… no expense spared in the production values!

Because the clever people at Doink have enabled each track to be “resized” we can get very creative with what we combine and how we combine it. I’m just using cheap card from the stationery shop and it works fine for primary and middle school projects.

The Zookazam app is a little flakey. it requires a lot of available RAM.I found the class having to hard reset the iPads to give a jolt.