Google Photos for LSA’s/Teaching Assistants

16Gb can quickly fill with photos and videos. If you are a GAFE school you can utilise the unlimited free storage of Google Drive with Google Photo’s. The free app auto syncs content from the camera roll and offers a fast way to delete the content from the device (after it has been upload). The video shows how to enable Photos as a folder in the your Google drive so that it can be shared with a colleague, for example, a teacher and a teaching assistant. Being able to tag, label photos/videos and search for them makes this a very useful tool.

Video Scrapbooking with Doink Green Screen, Showbie, Book Creator and iMovie

video scrapbooking

With it being World Book Day, there were loads of great activities going on in school. So we only had limited time to capture some of the amazing costumes. We made videos, but these videos began life as digital still combinations of characters and backgrounds. These were combined in Doink Green Screen using the still image option.

This saved time today. We assembled our images and text in Book Creator and then handed them in to Showbie.

The Books were then shared back to the class in Showbie. These were then exported from Book Creator as video clips and edited/Mashed up in iMovie.

Video export in Book Creator means that you can create all kinds screen layouts and then edit them in iMovie.
If you are new to the iPad this might seem very complex. My advice is to build confidence with individual apps and then start combining them to make more ambitious projects, or should that be digital roadtrips!