Over the past 8 years of freelance work, I have worked with hundreds of schools across the UK and beyond. Many of these schools have remained long term clients and in many cases friends!
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I offer support for all schools that feel a need to supplement their Apple and Google based digital skills. I bring the hardware to you and can work with staff as well as team teach classes with your staff. Many schools have been advised to lose ICT suites and then with arrival of a new computing curriculum find it challenging to respond. Keeping up with these changes, having a balanced view and finding smart (in terms of time and cost) ways to train staff is where I can help.

My recent Digital Confidence courses in Liverpool have proved to be very successful. These are 5 x 2hrs twilights run in one school that is part of a cluster. The 5 sessions cover everything from basics to managing projects across shared iPads. The workshops are always hands on, active and creative.

Each week, the sessions develop skills that teachers can take and use immediately in the classroom. The course is delivered with a hands-on approach and uses Apple’s iTunes U as a means of sharing files, app links and on-line support beyond the classroom.

1. Introduction (everything from using gestures to creating better photo’s and video clips)

2. Content Creation ( from film projects and animation to eBooks)

3. Managing student projects on shared iPads

4. Programming/computational thinking and the iPad

5. Vision and Planning technology in your school

When schools enrol, they can elect to send a member of staff to attend all five sessions or choose different staff to attend specific sessions. We appreciate that teachers are all at different stages in terms of confidence, expertise and interest.

The cost is £100 per staff member for access to all 5 workshops.

By working over five weeks, this gives time to test out ideas and use the sessions for mentoring support. The course is unique and there is simply nothing else quite like it!

This is one of the most cost effective and “effective” ways to learn, test, reflect and evolve practice in school. For more information contact me on –


Twitter @digitalroadtrip

tel 07970323255


3 Responses

  1. debi tunbridge

    Thank you for the training today Julian, got back to school and setup Nearpod and planning to use is very soon, oh your help with GarageBand

  2. Carolyn Tomlinson

    Thank you for today’s training Julian – staff gave really positive feedback and are motivated to start using them as soon as possible – looking forward to implementing all the things we learned today.

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