Podcast Creation on iPad Using GarageBand

The recent resurgence in the popularity of Podcasts, has meant many teachers have been asking me about how to do this in the classroom. GarageBand and Seesaw make a great combination. Here’s an example of how that can work for you. Sure, it’s not a simple click, there is a process involved, but it can be a rewarding journey. The video is broken down into 6 sections –

  • How to set up your GarageBand project
  • Making the recording
  • Making the intro music using a Live Loops pack
  • Sharing the music to add to the original recording
  • Mixing, Automating, Ducking
  • Sharing to Seesaw

I’ve tried to streamline the process and I’ve not gone into great detail in all areas for example, Live Loops or setting recording levels. Indeed there are apps like Ferrite that are designed specifically podcasting, but I’ve tried to use the tools most teachers will have access to.

If you want experiment with full on Podcasts that you can “subscribe” to, Podbean is an easy freemium option that enables you to share from GarageBand to your Podbean Podcast account.

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