Happy Hopscotch Halloween

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Whatever happens I’ll never be a great coder!

I’m keen, but it isn’t a skillset that comes naturally. I do love Hopscotch on the iPad though. I think it is the best iPad coding experience for young (and in my case) older learners! I’m not paid by Hopscotch to say this and I have paid for my annual subscription because those guys deserve it.

For Halloween again @hopscotch have added seasonal characters and objects to help with game and activity designs.

In this project I’ve used a scoreboard that adds 20 points for catching the witch, but deducts 5 points for each pumpkin that is smashed. You have to smash pumpkins to get to the witch and why wouldn’t you?!

Adding sounds and animations make a big difference to the player experience.

Note – X 30 projects being tested in class will have you reaching for the Nurofen/Ibuprofen (this is not commercially sponsored!). However adding sound is fun.

The idea of adding 20 and deducting 5 is a good way of developing the basic scoreboard using a variable in Hopscotch. It will link back to Maths for some learners. To develop this further, students could add messages of encouragement at key scores say 50, 100 150, as well as a game over event.

You can download/remix (and improve it here) – https://c.gethopscotch.com/e/zsndv9y4a

Finally, it might be useful to be aware that you can now embed your Hopscotch projects (once they have been published) to Book Creator with a couple of caveats.

To embed the links you will need to go to the published project and choose “Open in Safari”.

IMG_0733 2.PNG

From here you can copy the embed tags. This can be a bit tricky as the copy option isn’t always quick to respond.


Because the tags are copied to the “clipboard” they are automatically ready and waiting when we add an embedded link in BC.


Volia!  Tap next….


and done…


Game will play in the  playback mode of Book Creator, although the sound won’t play. You can use the “share/open in” button and open it with all the sounds in Safari.

Frustratingly, in iBooks it simply opens the link in Safari, outside of the Book. However most of us I guess use the internal playback in Book Creator these days.


Happy Halloween!

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