Apple Education Announcements

Sure, Apple needs a cheaper product for schools. However a cheaper iPad is only part of the equation. Three things that I’m sure won’t be announced but could totally transform the state of play are,

1. Unlimited cloud storage for education Apple ID’s generated in Apple School Manager. This would put the platform on a even keel with Google. It would also benefit all those few lucky teachers syncing data between a MacBook and an iPad. It would make it more attractive to budget conscious schools, it would also cement work patterns and retain users.

2. Revert to factory settings! Or revert firmware! (Dream on!) Having had to recycle over 100 iPad minis recently, I think educators would appreciate the ability to keep the device as fresh as it was from day one. Those 100 iPad minis* were in good condition, they recorded sound, video and photos, but constant updates meant they slowed to the point of being a challenge to use. Sure we need updates/security patches on phones and other personal tech, but within reason a primary school set of devices within a secure network should be safe. Chromebooks bought three years ago still run effectively/efficiently.

3. Subsidised class eBooks. – if Education really is in the Apple DNA, then make it happen. Every parent and teacher wants their kids to love reading. This one bold move could be the real game changer. Classkit might be great for developers, but words, paragraphs, in the form of books will always outlast apps and widgets.

Of course none of the above is ever likely to happen!

* the recycle/trade in price on the iPad minis was £75 each with a reseller. If you check out the price of a three year old Chromebook, you’ll find it’s probably close to £0. Yet the irony being the Chromebooks will run as fast as the day they were bought.

We live in crazy, crazy times.

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