Sharing GarageBand Projects to Seesaw

The arrival of the Seesaw app has opened up so many creative possibilities for sharing and reflecting on the content we create. We can of course speak directly into Seesaw and record  voices. However, there are times when we want to create something more sophisticated.

This video  looks at sharing a soundtrack or sound bed created in iMovie to Seesaw. The music could be the background music for a podcast or a video. It also shows how you could create class Seesaw blog purely as a music channel or podcast style channel and share music and audio recordings beyond the classroom.

Above is a short video (made 3 years ago) that shows how to “tame” Garageband and use it as a simple voice recorder. By defaultt Garageband is set loop after 8 bars, which is great for jamming music but not so helpful if you want to record a voice for a longer period.

Combining these two approaches enables students to combine voice and music easily. I’ve also shown how to save a speaking and listening template. This could be shared using Airdrop  to student devices to kick start an activity. Finally, whenever possible use headphones when recording in Garageband. You will get a better result as you can hear what you are recording and there is less noise emanating from the speakers in the classroom.


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