Forest School Animation

People talk about “Appsmashing” (combining apps as part of a workflow). I don’t like the term. I’ve always used a combination of software on computers and iPads.

Like this for example,

We used, iMotion HD (because its free), Do ink Green Screen, Paper 53, iMovie and Garageband.


Here you can see us hard at work (or more like play!). We used Airplay (Reflector/Airserver) on the Laptop so the children could see the outcome and make shared decisions about the framing of the objects.





About Digital Roadtrip

Apple ADE 2007 and Apple Trainer/Mentor

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The whole concept that “app smashing” implies, is that you’ve come up with some clever way of getting apps to interact with each other, whereas the whole idea is to pass data along the chain so that each app can do what it does best, Telegami to iMovie, iMovie to Book Creator or Pages/Numbers/Keynote etc etc,

    It shows a singular misunderstanding of the integrated nature of the iPad as a tool, rather than a vehicle for apps.

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