Google Apps on the iPad

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See the original here I couldn’t embed it for some reason!

I do like the collaborative elements of Google Apps for Education (GAFE). They are easy for teachers to adopt and embed in the classroom. I also like the small footprint compared to the Apple equivalents. The downside is from a designer point of view, it can be a challenge to make content look good. Keynote, whilst weighing in at over 600MB does offer an engaging outcome and a fun creative process.

The reason for using GAFE is the ease of Google Classroom for tracking student’s work and collaboration. Apple are a long way behind in this respect.

I also expected  GAFE to be a pain on the shared iPad ( no pun intended). Not so. When a student logs into either Google Docs or Google drive the other GAFE are accessible. Logging out on one Google app, logs out all other Google apps.

So unlimited storage and great realtime collaboration makes this very very attractive, esp when combined with the more creative and engaging apps on the iPad.


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