Live Audio Broadcasting from the iPad using Mixlr, Figure and Audiobus

This is a really interesting combo of apps. You could substitute Figure with Garageband, or your favourite music making app.

Mixlr is a free “one touch” audio broadcasting app. Create an account share, the url with your audience and simply tap to broadcast. Audiobus has been the big thing in Music tech circles for a while, as it allows you to combine music and audio apps plus effects and send the sound/audio from one app into the other.

Here we are simply performing in the Figure app whilst speaking using the built in Mic and recording/broadcasting live on the internet with Mixlr.

We use Audiobus to achieve this.


We open Audiobus, then open Figure by tapping on the first big + button. We’ll use Figure for music creation.

Then we open Mixlr by tapping on the 3rd large + icon. So we are opening the apps we want to combine/link from within Audiobus. We can add the built in Mic by tapping on the small + icon. Audiobus does all the clever linking of audio through the apps.

We then tap on Mixlr to open it and start broadcasting, then go to figure and perform (badly in my case!). The music and the mic are then streamed/ broadcast live across  the internet.

Obviously, you will need to share the url for stream with audience beforehand and set a time for them to join!

Check it on Mixlr here!

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