Fit to Drop!

Last week I started using using iOS7 properly in the classroom. It’s great for me, but i think for younger learners the icons and design are less obvious. However watching year 6’s tear into it soon made me think that it was much less of an issue. So here’s probably the most teacher friendly key new feature – AirDrop.

I thought it would be good to show what happens with 8 iPads and Airdrop. What you’ll see here is how the iPads connect, apart from the “Red iPad”. In school if it’s just a matter of two iPads “speaking” to each with AirDrop, you should be fine. However if half a dozen iPads all try to Airdrop over wifi at the same time you will probably have problems.

The Red iPad did connect and Airdrop after a restart and when the other iPads were in sleep mode.

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