Showbie and how this simplifies things

Showbie is the missing link for many iPad wielding teachers in schools. If like me, you have been on the long journey,  laced with an assortment of dropboxes and WebDAV handing in solutions, Showbie simply does what we want.

  • I want to distribute digital documents to my students
  • I want to mark, assess and hand back assignments on my iPad
  • I want a record of the dialogue between myself and the learner
  • I want it to be easy and just work

Welcome to Showbie.

Most 1:1 schools use it. I think we can use it effectively with class sets. Sure, this will involve logging in and put of the app and yes some learners will forget their passwords, but this is easily resolved by the teacher.

Even with only 8 iPads we can set work and have work handed in. Ok so what happens when there is no access to iPads? The answer is simple, the class can log into Showbie from any computer via a web browser. This means that homework is viable.

Mmm… So I could start some activities in class with 8 iPads and the students could continue them outside class time (at home etc) without an iPad?…. Yes.

About Digital Roadtrip

Apple ADE 2007 and Apple Trainer/Mentor

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