Garageband made simple for Speaking and Listening

I love Garageband on the iPad both from a Music tech point of view and as a simple voice recorder. It is primarily a music making app, but it can be used for simple audio recording projects too.

I see many teachers struggling with clunky voice recorder apps and not realising that Garageband (when set up properly) is a great voice recorder.

So here’s how to do it – you can start with simple S&L sessions and then develop skills (er… I think this is called CPD* 😉 to create funky radio drama’s and podcasts. I’ve also shown how to create a re-useable template so that you don’t have to keep setting the project up each time you want to do simple voice recording.

* Good apps enable teachers to develop their skills and widen their project repertoire. This is why steering staff away from topic specific apps is a good thing. Generic apps offer a much better and flexible way of working. I guess I’m saying spend time learning open ended content creation apps lIke GarageBand as opposed to “closed” topic specific apps that don’t offer use elsewhere in the curriculum.

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